Kobe Bryant quiz: do you know everything about the Black Mamba? Take the Test!

Kobe Bryant Test: do you know everything about one of the greatest players in basketball history?

The Kobe Bryant quiz is our tribute to one of the most acclaimed basketball players in U.S. basketball, who passed away prematurely in January 2020 due to a helicopter accident. Passionate about the sport from a young age, he managed to create for himself one of the most brilliant careers in the sports world, which enabled him to become one of the most recognizable basketball players in the world. Among his achievements he landed a contract with the NBA without ever having played in a college; this was the first time in the entire history of the sport. His life was undoubtedly exuberant, but he never stopped believing in his dream, even when it came true, because good things must be maintained with perseverance and hard work, which is never enough. Before his terrible death, he was known not only for his role as a sportsman, but also for his parenting skills; in fact, he was not only a caring husband but also a loving father who always supported his children's wishes. The words he dedicated to basketball in his retirement letter are unforgettable, because his love for the game was pure and true, perhaps the greatest he ever felt. Do you want to be able to figure out if you are really part of his following or if you still have much to learn about a star who faded too soon? Answer the questions in our Kobe Bryant quiz and find out how much you know.