Marvel Quiz: do you know all the movies and comics? Take the Test!

Marvel Test: could you answer questions about movie and comic book characters? Test yourself and prove you know everything about Marvel. Take the Quiz!

The quiz on Marvel offers questions about one of the most important production companies as far as the entertainment industry is concerned, which is why it is part of the most globally known companies: Marvel Comics. Among their merits we see the birth of the most important heroes and villains, characters that have made and currently make generations of children and adults dream, who remain glued to watch their spectacular stories and evolutions. Marvel is also recognized as "The House of Ideas" and is the birthplace of characters such as Iron Man, Thor or Spider-Man. Initially born as comic books, the stories over time became plots for movies and cartoons. Fame is ensured by the ability to convey strength and sympathy to young fans, who in superheroes want to see themselves again, and being able even for a short time to identify with them sets them free to continue to dream and love their passion. Founded in 1939, it continues to churn out outstanding stories and amazing protagonists who never cease to amaze the general public. Who among us can say we have never dreamed of taking part in one of the many adventures of the Marvel world? Mostly, most of us know how great it was to pretend and play with our imaginations, dressing up in tights and capes to make ourselves more believable in the eyes of those watching or our friends whom we had to save from the dark forces. But can you say you are a big fan and have followed all the movies and comics closely? Test yourself with our Marvel quiz and find out how much you know - enjoy! The Marvel Cinematic Universe On social media we often criticize, of the Italian audiovisual industry, the lack of directors who know how to tackle multiple genres. How is it possible that we do not know how to make works that differ from the comedy or the drama film? This is a very easy question that especially on the web we hear all the time. It certainly stems from a truth, however in addition to new and increasingly interesting directors, Rovere and Sibilia for example, one directs this attack precisely at filmmakers. The Marvel Cinematic Universe should give us pause for thought, for it does not live primarily because of the directors; rather, it is the producers who are the real core. This gigantic productive discourse that is not yet finished and does not seem to stop has its backbone in the organization of an expanding world, filmed by the filmmakers but supported by the producers. The latter are the key figure in the operation, the minds behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This colossal project navigates different media, since the films in theaters are only one part of the operation, then for example merchandising is very important. In Italy therefore it is not talented directors that are lacking, but a set of producers capable of investing in long-term risky projects. For now it was almost a miracle to make the Smetto Quando Voglio trilogy, an everyday operation in the U.S. industry. Since we have ascertained how important the producer is, who is the president of the Marvel Cinematic Universe operation? Quickly said, it is Kevin Feige. A former producer since the 2000s, the well-known Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Comics, Marvel Television and Marvel Animation, is the person behind the titanic film project. Of course we are talking about a production with so many people, don't think of a king ruling over his subjects, if we really should find him it would be in Disney. The Marvel Cinematic Universe begins in 2008 very quietly, when we could not yet imagine the scale of this operation that will be in the cinematic history books. The film that starts it all is Jon Favreau's Iron Man, which is very successful and sets the mood for the entire saga. The legitimate criticism often levelled at the audiovisual products of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the little difference from one film to the next. Certainly when a visual and writing operation works it is also stupid to change it, however, two points need to be clarified. The first undoubtedly resides on an editorial line that is really always the same, since adventure dragging comedy and drama, has always worked. Think of the Indiana Jones saga. Every film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will have its dose, even minimal, of comedy as well as drama, since that is the cinematic direction taken from the beginning. It is also false however really to think that all films have that cinematography, that filmic structure since it is simply not true at all. Iron Man and Captain America The Winter Soldier are two very different films. Obviously being constant the theme of super heroism and the mask one wears to save people, certainly some dynamics are repeated, but to say that each film is the same as the other is a lie. So far, there are three viewed phases that make up the Marvel Cinematic Universe; the fourth will begin on May 7, 2021 barring unforeseen events. The first phase sees the introduction of Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America, while the rest of the Avengers will make their appearance in the movie dedicated to the Avengers directed by Joss Whedon in 2012. The best of this phase remain undoubtedly the first Iron Man and the first Avengers where we see for the first time at work a team of super heroes collaborating, where each of them is given considerable space. All this may seem normal today, but the excitement of that moment in cinema that united all comic book fans was truly memorable. We were finally seeing on the big screen a well-composed team of Marvel superheroes, each with their own skills and a whole host of peculiarities. All this hype was partly derived from the excellent workmanship of the audiovisual product made by Joss Whedon and partly generated by the amount of bad content that had been released since the 2000s. Other than Raimi's Spider-Man saga and a couple of the Xmen films, the superhero background had never been of such workmanship. Another criticism birthed by detractors is that of viewing a great television series at the movies, where there is a cliffhanger at the conclusion of film. Aside from generalizing the television media that no longer has that formula compulsorily, it is absolutely true and there is nothing wrong with it. The post credits of each film are a great way to generate in the audience not only expectation but a desire to theorize what that scene will mean, what consequences it will have. Phase 2 not only deepens some characters such as Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America, but also introduces another team of characters: Guardians of the Galaxy and also Ant Man. All this was to bring comedy within a very dark phase, again there was a lot of continuity work in the phase itself. The third phase, the last one until 'now, closes a circle and eliminates some characters from the saga such as Iron Man and Captain America. Although anything is possible, perhaps in the not too distant future there will be cameos or returns in a big way. Another very interesting criticism made by many film critics sees the total absence of eroticism within the saga, not of sexual intercourse but of eroticism. The latter is certainly almost absent but it has been proposed several times, think of the first Iron Man for example. Sexual intercourse will probably never see them since although it may seem strange to you, the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe attract a very young and even family target audience so it would be counterproductive to show sex and blood when the latter may prohibit the viewing of the younger ones because of the VM imposed by the censorship visa. This lack perhaps elevates these characters too much and distances them from us, making us empathize in a much lesser way. Although unforeseen cinematic setbacks are the order of the day today, the production has already established all of Phase 4 that we will see between 2021 and 2022. It will be the beginning of a new circle, a new narrative.