Michael Jordan quiz: do you know the champion well? Take the Test!

Michael Jordan Test: could you answer specific questions about the world's most famous basketball player? Test yourself and prove you know everything about the basketball champion. Take the Quiz!

Our quiz on Micheal Jordan pays tribute to what is considered a legend, one of the world's most famous basketball players, known in every corner of the globe because of his spectacular talent. His life was full of hard work and sacrifice, this is because no one ever gave him anything. In fact, he came from an underprivileged family, in which his mother was a bank employee and his father worked at a power plant, but his circumstances never stopped him from achieving his dream. Even in school he never really fit in, perhaps because of his introverted nature, but probably also because of all the time he spent preparing for games rather than hanging out with his friends. This passion of his led Micheal Jordan to excel in sports, even getting a scholarship to college, because all the efforts he made always paid off. One of his greatest qualities, which at the same time has also been considered one of his worst faults, is his tenacity, his drive that also forces everyone around him to give their all; this has been a source of friction with many of his fellow players. The fact remains that he is one of the most important living legends of our time, so much so that an entire line of shoes has been dedicated to him by one of the major brands working in the field. That of Micheal "Air" Jordan is certainly one of the figures from which aspiring players draw inspiration, in fact his following over the years has multiplied exponentially, making him a recognizable player everywhere. However, not everyone can actually call themselves his true fans, which is why this quiz on Michael Jordan was born, to see how passionate you are about the best-known basketball player. Answer the questions in our quiz on Micheal Jordan and find out how much you know about his life and career.