Premier League Quiz: are you an Expert? Take the Test!

Premier League Quiz: an iconic name, known and coveted by soccer players around the world, believed to be the most prestigious and spectacular tournament. Take the Test!

Premeir League Quiz: here is the test on the English league. Premier League, an iconic name, known and coveted by footballers around the world, believed to be the most prestigious and spectacular tournament, capable of generating interest and attracting fans from every corner of the planet. After all, who has never been a fan or sympathizer of Sir Alex Ferguson's Manchester United, of Wenger and Henry's wonder Arsenal, of Mourinho's Chelsea (here, sympathy might border on extreme dislike, given the Portuguese's somewhat delicate personality, emblem of humility and political correctness) or even more recently of the Manchester City of the British version of tika-taka or of the Liverpool of records of the German prophet Jurgen Klopp, capable of bringing the Reds back to triumph after three decades of disappointments and near victories, often faded in the last days at the hands of incredible comebacks by opponents. However, like any self-respecting league, even in the Premier there has been no shortage of resounding surprises, such as Blackburn, champion in the 1990s, or more recently Leicester, able to seize victory after a 38-day-long ride, led by the very Italian Claudio Ranieri and the bomber, former Sheffield worker, Jamie Vardy. There are numerous Italians who have written important pages, thanks to unforgettable moments of fair play, incredible goals, and darting competitions among the youth teams. Do you feel up to the task? Are you ready to challenge the masters of soccer and disrupt the unchallenged dominance of the Reds and Citizens? Take the field and prove your worth to the world!