Test on the Professors in Harry Potter: how well do you know them?

Quiz Professors in Harry Potter: do you know these characters from the Harry Potter film saga? Prove it with the Test! Take the Quiz!

This quiz on professors is dedicated to this specific Harry Potter characters. In the high school movie, a purely American genre that encompasses within itself so many nuances, from musical to comedy, has become for similar narrative needs also that of the Harry Potter saga. Lessons, students and especially professors, the relationship with the latter and so on. Although all films in the saga fall into the macro genre of adventure for a whole range of reasons, the high school movie is often present, especially in the fourth chapter where the script offers a number of cues and situations typical of the subgenre. As we said, an important part of this subgenre is the professors and the bond they form with the students, however in the Harry Potter saga this relationship will see the professors bonding mostly with the chosen one rather than with other secondary characters. Each year at Hogwarts it was customary to appoint a new professor of defense against the dark arts: Quirrell, Gilderoy Allock, Lupin, Mad-Eye Moody, Snape, and Dolores Umbridge. Of all the professors, the most complex and certainly just about the most feared by all the first-year students at Hogwarts, as well as by the vast majority of the audience, is Snape. There is so much frustration in him for a love he always longed for and never had, for the hope of winning or even seeing his beloved woman again, but even that was not possible. Lily died and so even that positive feeling turned into anger and remorse. His relationship with Harry is very peculiar as Snape has to protect the boy but the older the chosen one grew, the more he resembled his father, the man who had chosen Lily. Despite this very sharp mockery of fate by Rowling, Snape will do anything to protect Harry from day one at Hogwarts. He is the most fascinating and complex teacher in the entire saga, the other professors though very interesting can only come second.