The Legend of Zelda quiz: are you an expert?

The Legend of Zelda quiz : how well do you know this historical video game? You can test your knowledge with this quiz!

With this quiz on The Legend of Zelda you can have fun proving how historical video game. The Legend of Zelda is a video game released at the end of the last century, it was very successful and quickly became one of the flagship products of the manufacturer, going on to create many collectibles and even a cartoon inspired by the video game. In fact, the game not only enthralled so many viewers, but was also the first to sell more than a million copies for the NES. This is all the more extraordinary considering the reluctance and doubts with which it was created. The plot unfolds around the vicissitudes that occurred in what was once a peaceful land devoid of evil. This place is completely disrupted by the escape from one of the maximum security prisons of the king of evil, who is intent on seizing the Triforce of Wisdom. Fortunately, the object of his desire is guarded by the princess of the island, who, in order to save it from the hands of the evil ruler, decides to cut it into pieces and hide them. Unfortunately, the villain not only takes possession of one of the pieces, but also kidnaps the girl. The only hope to succeed in restoring peace lies in the hands of Link, a young local hero who decides to go in search of the remaining pieces in order to defeat the evil and bring the sweet princess home. A rather interesting fact is the controversy that arose around the conformation of one of the mazes in the game, which is shaped like a manji, a typical Buddhist symbol of luck. The same in the West represents a kind of Nazi swastika, clearly not knowing the origin of such a shape, many were outraged, fortunately this was a good opportunity to learn something new.