Tokyo Ghoul quiz: do you know everything? Take the Test!

Tokyo Ghoul Quiz: do you think you know everything about the plot and trivia of this anime? With this Test you can prove it! Put yourself to the test!

With this quiz on Tokyo Ghoul you can have fun answering questions dedicated to trivia about the anime and its adventures made of breathtaking adventures. A manga written and drawn by Japanese cartoonist Sui Ishida and serialized in the weekly magazine Weekly Young Jump, it has been followed by an anime adaptation produced by Pierrot animation studio, a live action film and video games to attest to its great success with audiences and critical acclaim. The protagonist is young Ken Kaneki, a college student, who one day meets a ghoul, where ghouls are anthropomorphic-looking creatures that feed on human flesh, committed to forcibly conquering their hunting territory. Both of them will soon find themselves in an extremely dangerous situation in an isolated location as a result of a trap set by the ghoul for the protagonist, from which the boy will be saved only as a result of an organ transplant, extracted from the very body of the ghoul he meets. As a result, the boy, too, will become a supernatural, half-ghoul entity, discovering that he is certainly not the only one in town, thus becoming part of a ghoul community that has decided to live with humans, owning a bar called Anteiku, used as a cover and foothold in case of need. He will meet ghouls of various kinds here, all engaged in an ongoing struggle against a special military corps created specifically to flush them out and exterminate them in order to ensure lasting public order. Which side do you take, ghouls or guarantors of order and justice? Before you make a decision, start testing yourself on this dark fantasy series.