Victorious quiz: do you know all the details? Take the TEST!

Victorious Quiz: do you think you really know all the details and are able to answer this quiz? Prove how much you know with the Test!

Here is the fun quiz on Victorius! Do you think you really know all the details of the TV series and are able to answer this quiz? If the answer is yes, then all you have to do is try it! Victorious is a children's sitcom created for Nickelodeon, the series mainly focuses on the rise of a young singer, Tori Vega and the adventures with her friends. In fact, the opening episode shows this talented girl deciding to perform in a school play in place of her older sister, delivering such an amazing performance that she is accepted by one of the most exclusive singing and acting schools in Los Angeles. From that moment on, Tori's whole life changes dramatically, being catapulted into a world she does not yet know and one that will hold many surprises for her; fortunately, she has her good friends with her who accompany her and never make her feel alone. The other characters in the story, although secondary, all have strong personalities and innate talents for music and drama. Unfortunately, the series was cancelled unexpectedly by the TV broadcaster, leaving an open ending with no real conclusion to the events, which, however, paved the way for a spin-off entitled: "Sam & Cat." Despite such an abrupt stop, we can see how the program was actually a very good product, given and considered the numerous awards for which it was nominated and even won, just to give an example we can mention the Hollywood Teen TV Awards won in 2012 by Victoria Justice, who plays the protagonist of the show.