Test on Wizards and Muggles in Harry Potter: How much do you know?

Test on Wizards and Muggles in Harry Potter: Do you know all about the characteristics of these two "species" of characters in the Potter world? Take the Quiz!

This quiz on Wizards and Muggles tests you on these two types of characters in the Harry Potter world. Wizards and Muggles are polar opposites, living in two very distant realities but nevertheless there are points of contact. At Hogwarts an often contested subject is Muggle Studies, in which the customs and habits of Muggles are studied. One character who is very fascinated precisely by the lives of "normal" people is Arthur Weasley, in fact in the fifth film when Ron's father accompanies Harry to his disciplinary hearing, he cannot resist lavishing compliments on Muggles. This dichotomy in the Harry Potter saga is considered in a few instances, the least treated within the films being that of secrecy. In fact, wizards cannot perform magic in the presence of a Muggle, with very few exceptions. In The Order of the Phoenix the incident with which the film opens deals with exactly this dynamic, Harry will in fact perform a patronus in the presence of Dudley, his Muggle cousin, because of two very dangerous dementors. Another instance dealt with where wizards and Muggles put themselves before each other is, of course, the relationship between Harry and the Dursleys. In this particular instance there is also a family component that should not be underestimated, however, the disdain shown by Harry's uncles is also due to the oddities of everything the young wizard stands for. This dynamic goes to underscore how the bigotry of the English bourgeoisie is radically embedded in family units. The last instance is represented by the racial hatred of some wizards toward Muggles. This metaphor expresses the atrocity of discriminatory thinking; one of the carriers of this ideology is obviously Voldemort, supported by his loyal Death Eaters. Their contempt takes the form of affirming different types of races: purebloods, half-bloods and Muggles. The latter in this series are for this type of thought to be subdued or eliminated, as wizards are far more powerful than Muggles. Through this instance, the Harry Potter saga also succeeds in bringing ideological reflections into opposition, just as wizards and Muggles are.