Quiz Yu-Gi-Oh! How well do you know the animated series?

Yu-Gi-Oh quiz: are you sure you know everything about Yu-Gi-Oh? Find out by answering these questions! Concentrate and do your best! Take the Test!

Yu-Gi-Oh Quiz: give as many correct answers as you can about the Yu-Gi-Oh TV series and show how attentive you were during the episodes! Do you think you can answer general questions correctly about Yu Gi Oh! then you can't fail to try this quiz. The quiz consists of a series of questions that will determine how good you are at it, giving you a chance to show how much you know about the most-watched anime in recent years. The goal is to answer as many questions correctly as you can. Yu Gi Oh is an anime that bases its plot development on the manga of the same name, and its success has been of such magnitude that it has allowed for the creation of merchandise that has gone wild over the years, underscoring the presence of a solid, international fandom that has followed the series since its inception. Yu Gi Oh can be literally translated as "king of games," the story being about, precisely, Yugi, an extremely shy and awkward boy who, because of his submissive nature and bizarre appearance, has never managed to make any friends except for a single childhood friend. The moment his grandfather decides to give him a mysterious pendant, his life changes. For within that gift is hidden the soul of Yugi's alter ego, a character who unlike the protagonist is shrewd and self-confident. Through the presence of such a motivator, Yugi matures and becomes aware of his abilities, becoming a skilled player of "Magic and Wizards," an extremely popular card game that will take him on many adventures.