The Office Quiz: Do you know the series? Take the test!

The Office Quiz: test your knowledge of the hilarious series. Put yourself to the test!

A TV series that is all about office life and its employees may not sound like a particularly appealing storyline, but 'The Office' is one of America's cult comedies. In fact, despite ending in 2013, it still remains the most watched TV series on streaming, completely beating out the competition and calculating billions of minutes watched each month. Greg Daniels' product is a combination of sarcasm, nonsense and satire that has kept viewers glued to their screens for almost twenty years, perhaps because of the humorous component, perhaps because you can identify with the lives of the protagonists. In fact, it is a choral series that revolves around the everyday vicissitudes of Dunder Mifflin employees and their boss, which to describe him as peculiar would be an understatement. The themes are the classic ones, love, friendship and rivalry between colleagues, all seen through the use of cameras to create a documentary about the office and its daily dynamics. Precisely through the excuse of the docu-reality, the fourth wall is broken several times, through interviews that allow direct answers from those directly involved and make the whole programme more engaging. Moreover, the path of growth that everyone in the company takes allows them to empathise with them, rejoicing and suffering with them, experiencing the love dramas of the receptionist, suffering the embarrassment and discomfort of the boss who too often tries to get into the good graces of his employees, but also laughing at the jokes they play on each other. Moreover, 'The Office' has over time delivered some of the most iconic scenes in television, which still remain embedded in Western pop culture. Case in point? Michael, the boss and manager of the whole building, arriving in his flaming red car to the sound of Lady Gaga, simply unforgettable.