Which city are you? NYC, Paris, Rome or Seoul? Find out with this personality test!

What city do you recognize yourself in? Find out which of these cities you are most similar to!

When talking about a city, use phrases such as "can do", "romantic", "inspirational", "nervous", "even dull" or "gloomy" that can describe your personality. We wondered what would happen if a city could pass the personality test. Is the city introverted or extroverted, receptive or unstable? So we wrote one. These tests are prototypes that evolve based on usage and feedback. Saying "this is the face of your city" is not the scientific method. Instead, it tells you how you and others perceive your city, its strengths and weaknesses, and how you can address it. Available for both individual and group use, it has been used with great success in planning and residential consultations. It's a unique way to start a conversation about a city, town or neighborhood because it speaks to our innate tendency to humanize the world around us. This allows us to talk about places and their complexities as if they were human beings. However, the researchers noted that people with high self-esteem and productive qualities may have an advantage over others when it comes to choosing the city that best suits their personality. In other words, people who generally have a healthier outlook on life and who have positive personality traits may be better prepared to choose the city that best suits them and their life goals.