Which Disney Prince Are You? Find out with our personality test!

This test will reveal which Disney prince you are most alike! Start the quiz!

Welcome to the quiz that will reveal which Disney prince you are most alike! It's not always just about the Disney princesses. It's time for the guys to take center stage for a bit. The girls always need a helping hand on their epic journeys and these good men can get them to their destination and protect them along the way. Without these guys, there would be no great story to tell and no happily ever after. It's time to see if you are worthy of an amazing Disney story too. So let's find out which Disney prince you can relate to the most. I'm sure it's something you have always wondered about. Are you handsome and gentle like Eric? Are you trustworthy and adventurous like Aladdin? Are you closed off and snappy yet humble like The Beast? Or are you charming and full of confidence yet a bit of a dork like Flynn Rider? Come and find out which of the princesses you will end up saving!! Or in some cases, they may even save you… Queue the Disney theme tune, bow your heads and make way for a new prince!