Which dog are you? Find out with the test!

Are you a dog lover? Find out if you are more similar to a Bulldog, a Labrador, a Pitbull or a Chihuahua!

Studies show that dogs and owners often develop similar personalities. You may have heard that dogs and their owners look alike. An article states that a dog's personality reflects its owner's personality. It also explains that dogs experience personality changes similar to those that humans do throughout their lives.. According to surveys, the personality of a dog is not fixed. Rather, a dog's temperament changes with age and depends on lifestyle and experiences. โ€œThe dog we adopt from the shelter is not the dog we will have 10 years from now.โ€ said psychology researcher and lead author William Chopik. After analyzing the data, the researchers made an interesting discovery. The thing is that the personality of a dog and its owner often reflects each other. Active and extroverted people tended to have dogs that behave the same way. Anxious or aggressive dogs had owners with more negative personality traits.