Which drink Are You? Test yourself!

Find out which of these alcoholic beverages is more similar to your personality!

For many people, alcohol creates an overall sense of well-being and camaraderie. But for others it has the opposite effect. "For some people, alcohol is like making a fire," says Dr. Dominic Parrot, assistant professor of psychology at Georgia State University. These reactions are not an inevitable reaction to alcohol use, experts say. "A lot of people drink a lot, but few are angry and aggressive," Parrot tells WebMD. People with personality traits that promote aggression are most vulnerable to the effects of alcohol on aggression.” Smiling on a date. Most people report increased friendliness when drinking, but according to a national survey, a small percentage of 2% end up crying while drinking, and everyone around them dances at the table. What many drinkers say as a way to relax and relieve stress, does alcohol have the opposite effect on others? Although the evidence is inconclusive, some scientists suggest that these depressive effects may mean a greater propensity for alcohol problems. For others, the explanation may be simpler. The loss of inhibition that occurs after a few drinks can simply release the drinker's repressed emotions. Social norm marketing exposes people's misconceptions about their peers' behavior and educates them to correct those misconceptions. The concept, when applied systematically, effectively reduces drinking and its consequences on American college campuses. "If everyone thinks they're drunk at the bar, I'll go too," he says. “Bad norms create imaginary peer pressure.