Which Legend of Zelda Character Are You? Find out with the personality test!

Find out which is the character from Legend of Zelda is more similar to your personality!

You have entered the mystical world of Hyrule! Where giant beasts roam the lands, ancient masks can grant you powers, great Fairy's can give you magical powers and evil lurks in the shadows. The question is, which of The Legend of Zelda characters are you most alike? In your heart, are you drawn to the light or is your heart easily corrupted by darkness? There are plenty of amazing characters in Hyrule, but these four really stand out from the crowd. Are you a natural sword master who doesn't like to say too much, like Link? Are you loyal to your duties and have the purest of spirits like Princess Zelda? Are you obsessed with power and believe that might controls everything, like Ganondorf? Or maybe you are a great companion who has great observation skills, but can be a little annoying at times, like Navi? Saria has come to judge your answers to this personality test whilst wearing the mask of truth, so you won't even be able to lie. It's time to pull out your sword, grab your ocarina and get on your horse, because this is going to be a wild ride.