Which Marvel Character Are You? Find out with our personality test!

Which of these marvel character is more similar to you? Spiderman, Hulk, Wolverine or Thor? Start the quiz!

Have you ever wanted to become a real life superhero? Well if you ever did inherit a super power, have you ever wondered who you would be most alike? So we have chosen four of the most popular Marvel characters to compare you to. Would you sneak into a laboratory to take some pictures and get bitten by a radioactive spider, like Spiderman? Would you be the one conducting science experiments, and accidently get blasted with gamma waves that changes your DNA to react to your anger, like the Hulk? Would you one day, wake up to find you have naturally mutated to heal super quickly and eventually realize you have stopped aging, like Wolverine? Or have you always been built like a greek god with good looks and super strength, like Thor? Whoever you end up alike, remember the advice that has been given to those heroes. "With great power, comes great responsibility". Learn to control your anger. Be wary of anyone wanting to use your powers for their own gains. And be the person you were born to be, to stay worthy of your power. Waitโ€ฆ did you hear that? Someone is in trouble. Quick, find out who you are most alike to choose your next action!