Which Pokemon Are You? Find out with this Personality Quiz!

Do you feel to be more similar to Pikachu or Bulbasaur? Squirtle or Jigglypuff? Start the quiz and find out!

Look out! A Pokemon trainer has walked in to the grass and spotted you! They want to capture you, but you are not going down without a good fight! Now you must find out which Pokemon you are inside in order to defeat this trainers Pokemon and flee, or you may even want to join them on their incredible Pokemon journey to become a Pokemon master. You may even become their strongest Pokemon! But first we need to find out which Pokemon you are. Are you everyone's favourite speedy thunder mouse, who always has loyalty to his friends, like Pikachu? Or are you one of the classic starter grass Pokemon, who was not everybody's favourite, but you are a valuable member of any team, like Bulbasaur? Or the other classic starter Pokemon who loves to wear sunglasses and put out fires, like Squirtle. Or maybe you have an incredible singing voice and a love for art like Jigglypuff. Who knows what is in store for you in the wonderful world of Pokemon. You may even run in to one of the legendary ones! Let us see who your inner Pokemon really is.