Which Riverdale Character are you? Find out with this test!

Make the personality test and find out to which Riverdale character you are more similar to!

Your family has decided to move house. In fact they have bought a house in a completely different town. You ask “where are we moving to?” but your family has become quite secretive over where you’re going to be living. The moving van stops and you step out to see a sign that says “Welcome to the small town of Riverdale!” Home to some of the craziest stories that you’ve ever heard. Religious cults, vigilante gangs, witches and even people with superpowers take refuge here. This personality test will show which of the four main characters in Riverdale you are most alike. Are you always shirtless, boxing and always fighting for what is right like Archie? Are you more of a detective type, being strong willed and not taking no for an answer like Betty? Do you have an addictive personality, looking to get high on life, hating to be bored like Jughead? Or are you self absorbed, don’t care what anyone thinks about you and look down on the little people like Veronica? Well it is about time we find out where you will fit into this small town.