Which Superhero Are You? Find out with the test!

Find out if you are more similar to Batman, Superman, Spiderman or Captain America: which Superhero are you?

So you want to become a superhero huh? Do you really think you have what it takes to defeat some of the universes most fearsome enemies? You need true skill, bravery, and knowledge to be a true hero, but most of all, you need to know who you really are. This personality test will be your first step in finding out what kind of hero you can become alike. Will you be a rich millionaire who uses their money to help the weak, like the dark knight Batman? Will you already have hidden powers just waiting to be awakened because you are not of this Earth, like the incredible Superman? Will you encounter a radioactive spider and get bitten, then it's venom mutates inside to give you power, like the amazing Spiderman? Or will you surrender yourself to science for a chance to have power that you've never felt before, and use it to protect your country, like the loyal Captain America? Heroes can be born, heroes can be made and heroes can also be broken. Be careful on your adventure as a hero and remember never to give up. Good Luck. This test will take less than five minutes.