Which Winx character is most like you? Find out with this personality test!

Which Winx fairy do you most look like, among Bloom, Flora, Tecna and Stella? Find out with the personality test!

Welcome to the Otherworld. You are about to enroll in the Alfea school, where we have trained many fairies in the magical arts for thousands of years. You must learn to control your new magic to protect your world against the monsters that threaten your very existence. But first we must find out what kind of a fairy you are. We have chosen four of the fairies from the Winx club to compare you to. Are you impatient, stubborn and have a bit of a short temper just like Bloom? Are you a sweet and shy individual who has impressive emotional control and can stay calm in most situations, with a love for plants and nature alike, like Flora? Are you more of a protector and good with your hands with a true passion for technology, like Tecna? Or are you cautious about letting people in to your life because of your past experiences, and may lose control of your magic and hurt those you love by accident, like Stella? Who ever you are most alike, this will be a challenging journey as you try to become a master of your own magic, and of your own mind. This test will take less than five minutes.