Which Xmen Are You? Test yourself!

Find out which of these Xmen is more similar to your personality!

You have just enrolled into Xavier's School For The Gifted Youngsters. Your mutant powers manifested suddenly and freaked out everyone who is close to you. You never felt accepted after this, and that is why you are here. It is time to find out which character from the Xmen you would be the most alike. Would you be a fearless, wreckless and arrogant mutant who loves the thrill of a fight and motorbikes, like Wolverine? Would you use your powers and your charm to impress the ladies, like Iceman? Would you take on a leadership role and become a tutor to your fellow mutants, teaching them that not all non mutants are prejudiced, like Professor X? Or would you fall in love and fight for your fellow mutants, and learn to become a pilot, like Cyclops? Remember to watch out for mutants like Magneto who think just because you have mutant abilities, you should overthrow all of humankind, and eliminate them so only mutants are left to rule the world. He and his mutant army will come for you someday, so it is time to find out which Xmen character you would be most alike in order to take them on!